Like i said when you work together every thing is better and easier. I have trouble in conversations because my mind is going so fast that I interrupt people or change the subject because I have so many things going on in my head that I want to say. The comment section that is.. I’ve always been a great student but every time I do homework (honestly just getting it done is rare) that I’m not interested by I feel like my brain is on fire. 1. Hope someone can give me an answer or some advice! The teacher always says that I should be more focused during class and I try. Just outside my cage is “normal” but I’ll never get out to experience it. Attempting to solve a person… where no solution of my design will ever fit, no matter how well crafted it is, or how convincingly I’ve captured every corner case, or won the debate on paper… is pointless… because people, are not problems to be solved… some things cannot be understood or seen. Continued… Quite often after snoozing a fourth alarm clock (if I actually rested for more than 4 hours) OR quite often after turning an alarm off prematurely (nights when you toss/turn & feel suffocated from random thoughts/emotions) I’ll start my day. Was seeing a Psychologist then just dropped the sessions. I know that worked for me. I still want to try CBT therapy, psychedelics (especially Ayahuasca/DMT), transcranial and/or vagal nerve stimulation, and neurofeedback… any other recommendations? It embarrasses them. It was when my son was being diagnosed with ADD at 6 years old that I realized I had the exact same struggles. Of course, that peaked my interest and when I read the introduction, I genuinely felt like someone had been reading my mind all of my life. Having ADHD is a very difficult thing to explain on what it feels like. You have to work extra hard on something that normally shouldn’t take much effort, just to avoid going off the road. I cannot pass through the window. But was able to work for the Education, Municipal, or Healthcare markets even if the clients were jerks because I perceived the work worthy of the effort it takes for me to focus on the actual work. The worst thing about ADHD is that nobody takes the time to really understand it. And think of others and world but it seems impossible when you are the cause of almost all your daily life problems and struggles. Problem is, I forget to put the laundry in the dryer, set the timer on the oven, take the trash/recycling out for pickup (the one thing my spouse asked of me and its my day off so I have literally NO excuse not too, UGH). Your mind is the unbeatable beast, and you’re the tamer. So much for our health system–it’s dysfunctional.) They have a voice in their head telling them, “you should go work on your paper now, not repaint the guest room”. Wow, this is a great description, Nicholas. I wanted to find out exactly how a person with ADHD thinks and feels, and there were so many wonderful answers, from real people, describing their world in stunning detail. The meds are amazing – I feel like they untie your hands from behind your back so that you can at least participate in the fight – but they aren’t a cure all and I think there are a lot of patterns and coping and defense mechanisms to work through. Seems we have the one diagnosis that is a myth or a joke to those unaffected. Does anyone has tips to live with this fogginess and how to start up and being more productive? You sit at the computer to look it up, while asking the person if they have any ideas. Plus sometimes I feel as if my head is going everywhere and I can’t focus on one thing, as I get panicky, so if someone were to talk to me I would not be able to answer them sanely as I wasn’t focusing, but then again I feel I can only remember these things at the time, but if someone were to ask me to recall I wouldn’t know like I feel this happens sometimes maybe rarely but maybe I also just can’t remember? While a hurricane forms outside my cloudy window. My analogy is working side by side next to someone while we both complete the same tasks, but I’m on a treadmill while the other employee is on flat ground. I search Alibaba for good stuff to sell on Amazon. For example, what I thought was five minutes was really twenty minutes. I have no better analogy for you than the ones you’ve picked. It’s like trying to get off A merry go round before it stops and wanting to get back on and whenever you get that one horse moving out of the way the next one’s already back and see you don’t know when to go when to stop but you never get on or off the ride. I’m in a drag car sitting at the light waiting for it to turn green, My brain are the wheels. It’s like a door in your brain that opens to let information you need in and closes to stop information you don’t out, won’t stay shut and stays open for every piece of information that wants to get in. It’s be unsure all the time. Blame it on my ADD? Lisa Perry uses some humor to describe what can happen next. Are you trying medication for treatment? It’s thinking you did something right getting excited only to discover nope it was all wrong. Have you ever had that moment when you start to search for something only to realize you’ve had it in your hand the whole time. I went from starting load of laundry, to making bkfst, to sweeping but not picking up pile, to putting up dishes in washer to try to clean dishes in sink but not get to wash dishes, to put load in dryer to sorting but never putting away clothes, to being EXHAUSTED from cleaning but never finished tasks of cleaning….Does that make sense? They don’t see your cage so they don’t believe you’re trapped. My family does not seem to have it, though it could be because they have never been tested ‍♀️ I have so much more I could say but I know for sure I have been jumping around the place in this paragraph and have not made much sense! When people tell me how to do things all at once, I usually forget everything but the first or the last step. Since I was so sporadic and would literally stop mid sentence and forget what I was JUST talking about, the rumors just flew that I was on drugs (crack, coke, meth), and I have no backbone so I internalized everything and just had a breakdown. They do not realise, it is not a choice. If Earth was forever mi a tell u dis treva Q. Who’s your favorite band/Singer? Imagine that happening every day no matter what you are doing and tell me again why you think I didn’t finish the test in class. Having ADHD is difficult. Bruh idk hahaha, sorry if I am confusing, I am rambling. The adrenaline gave me focus. Dr. Barkley breaks it all down and makes a complex subject easy to understand. One day my car will break down and I’ll be stranded and left behind. I blurted out there’s no way I can do this it’s too many questions I don’t have the mentality for this. less it is a quiet hidden place of desperation. The “Aha!” factor is so relieving. These two both keep your mind off What’s important, and only what’s important to them. Plus he’s had firsthand, family experiences with ADHD that make it very personal to him. I’m starting on stimulants as of yesterday and have never been happier in my life. Stranded in curiosity, unable to define a single concept. It just adds to the ADD anxiety we have. I am blessed to experienced what it is like to be ADHD because it allows me to broaden my views. The worst being something that doesn’t have a deadline. I get to the linnen closet, which is near the living room, where the tv is on. Only little boys could have ADD. My audience stares with vapid expressions and dismisses me as ‘weird’. All the systems and tricks I try to use to set myself up for success and only to find more roadblocks. In fact, it’s worse with people I’m close with, because I feel a heightened responsibility to receive everything they’re saying. You’re stressed out of your mind. One that especially tugged my heartstrings was Spencer Reed’s explanation that he can think of several stories with only tiny relevance to the topic at hand. It feels like you can't breathe in a room full of people, because someone might stare at you fi you make the tiniest noise. Take him out of the school box, maybe put him in a an art or music school. I’ll ask him if there is anything I can do to help. I was 26 years old when I started medication & therapy for this. Just a thought! It’s looking normal to others unable to tell them you have a disability therefore they just think you are ditzy, careless, stupid, selfish, and a moron and then if you tell them they want your meds, think u r just using an excuse or might be lying, start talking to you in a baby voice or behind your back, or they begin to only see you as the adhd person. I’ve had it my whole life (I’m 29) and the best analogy I can give anyone who doesn’t have to deal with ADD is this: Imagine you’re looking one direction, you are 100% interested in what you’re looking at but your eyes start to go to the right because something different is over there. Was participating in Coahing and ADHD skills classes, then just dropped it. Accomplishments- I’m accomplished and chose a complex, fast paced profession because I am most successful when there are “fire drills,” chaos and extreme deadlines. My son was about 2 years old at the time. Oh man, stopping something midway can be torture! I wanna know what turns you on (I wanna know) So I can be all that and more (And I'd like to know) I'd like to know what makes you cry (Oh yea) So I can be the one who always makes you smile. Are there times I wish I could, of course! He can’t conceive that there’s any other way to perceive time than how he does. I desperately desire the safety of my sanctuary, but I am locked out. I went directly to a psychiatrist who specializes in adult ADHD, you might look it up and see if there is someone like that in your area! Luckily, she was kind enough to listen and has been on my side through the diagnosis and everything. The point I’m trying to get across is: It’s easy for professionals in health care or in administration to think they know what’s going on. Tells me “its all about the show”. She Loves You, But Isn’t in Love With You Because You’re Not Giving Her the Attraction Experience That She Wants. I stopped sharing my joys with her and that has become just one part of a complete degradation of our relationship. I’ve never been prescribed medication (in fear of my mother’s experiences with her add medication), but I have taken medications in a few instances to see if I missed something growing up. You’re aware of it, you can’t hide it, you wished you could get rid of it and everyone is an expert on it. Top Queen Of Boredness (Kinny) (feat. Which by the way trumps almost every area of life. The so-called social support system is broken—they didn’t help. I can relate to that Austin. Who’d have thot of that?! Most people are able to completely drain the water coming from the faucet just fine, and these are people with normal attention. Try medication again, Straterra is a good start to try or he could try an antidepressant. I highly recommend it. It ties in nicely to the “ADHD feels like your brain is understeering” description. I’m in charge of stocking product, ordering product, and keeping the storerooms and coolers organized. Almost like stepping onto a treadmill that is already turned on a brisk walking pace. Most people misread my tone and emotions when I’m medicated except my closest friends who I cherish because they can decipher “the tapping” with a glance of the eye. Can play the piano by sound. From my perspective *I* am the normal one, and everyone else is slow. Psychologists aren’t covered by the public health system (in Canada) and I don’t have money to hire a private one. I try to act cool but I’m always afraid I won’t be able to dodge it in time. Wanting anything else has actually not occurred to me until the moment of your asking, and then I’m like, well, fuck, I’m probably supposed to say something like, I don’t know, “I want your huge cock in my wet pussy” or something. My only issue is it can be so difficult to play with different medications and treatments during a time in my life where maintaining test scores and grades determines my future. Trying to explain it to anyone is almost worse because it comes out sounding like an excuse or a cop out. And the whole time the A.I is trying to convince you to give up and go do somehting more stimulating… So you do.. Its just easier to do what the A.I wants. I didn’t even say it was my ADHD brain because he doesn’t believe me. I know exactly how you must be feeling. I have dared to take the journey to the center of my being. How about the suggestion—go to quite place to study?! You can never get all the papers picked up and orderly. I struggled in school,I struggled at work, I had major struggles with the men in my life. I mean i can but its much harder without the A.I assist. It’s been tough to discuss publicly, but I know that my loved ones support me. Understanding I have it has helped me understand a lot about myself, but has left a lot of questions…and I can’t seem to find answers. Great description! “So I have nothing to say?” And to be truly at peace and thankful for that understanding. Might be best to get a reference from someone you know who has children with ADHD or has a similar experience. Meds… they’re like “glasses”.. you put them on.. you can see… but now… how do I know which way to go? For that reason I stopped for awhile but have since started again. I have a home that feels like a house, and a dog who feels like … While on route I was tapping my feet to one of my favorite tunes that I never learned a lyric or even a chorus to… Within the span of a couple of hours, I have watched videos (often having set the video speed to 1.5 or even twice the normal speed) on topics including science, philosophy, music, psychology, how to vinyl wrap a car, how to change my iPhone screen, prison stories, how to manage my mood swings and much more, all the while browsing eight different tabs of mostly unrelated topics. (Loses focus), umm. I’m almost 40, in crisis for years–I need help now–not later. It feels like my brain is frozen. My mind and my body is running so much all day that when my head hits the pillow, I’m out in less than 3 min. You’re onto something here! Broken. Now I know that this feeling is a symptom of having ADD. I can learn. I have struggled so much and have been suicidal for so long. There’s also a significantly larger amount of semen. He probably feels very sad, he must hate himself and feel shame for having this disorder. I’m 23 with adhd, and after reading through all the published comments about the people’s experiences with adhd, about 70% I could say I related to. Tell me about a day in your life you didn’t think you’d live through. BTW, this is the BEST forum for an accurate description of how living with ADHD feels. My analogy is that it feels like you are in an office. Already prepared food for afternoon snack for husband to take with him to the kid gym, made breakfast, transferred two loads of laundry, put away all the linens, and that meant I needed to organize the linen closet – because I’ve been putting off putting away linens because my ADHD co-housing sister just throws everything where it will work “right now” so I get that done, make the bed all so i’m not thinking about all of it while studying.. I felt so safe in my home I never wanted to leave home. I don’t think there’s anything in particular I can do about it all, but your letter to the woman about reframing her perspective on what it means to be pretty really struck a chord with me, and I would love for you to reframe my perspective in a similar way. I love freshly shaven legs and stuff. Not a great deal of knowledge base or support at that time. Do some research online too, there are some diets u can try that they say ? My mind in constant motion without an off switch. “My brain never takes the same road twice” – yes. I too excel at solving urgent problems, putting out fires, and research projects. So ADHD has it’s ups and downs. Here is more of Pat’s quora post explaining what ADHD feels like: Having ADHD can feel like an itch that needs scratching, only it’s in your mind. Info/Data overload…ugh. I don’t recommend caffeine products in the morning. I know that some people may see me as “different” and realize it’s not because of me as a person it’s because me with an annoying disability that I am doing my best to cope with. Never got his grades because he was too afraid to find out if he TOTALLY failed. I walk back to my room to do my homework but can’t find my pencil or eraser anywhere. here’s a tip for parents of ADHD kids – please do not ask your adhd child “did you take your pills today?” It’s rude. or wait?? Do we suffer for it? But I know that I'm gonna see a brighter day #FAIL (again). He advocates that it is better to be on a low dose of a stimulant and a low dose of a non-stimulant than it is to be on a high dose of a stimulant and no non-stimulant at all. Take a break at work by going to your vehicle or even the restroom stall. Debilitated by a stupid (like me) invisible diagnosis. Think of a person’s head/mind like a pillow and the feathers that stuff it are thoughts. They can’t help it. But through the clouds I see love shine - It keeps me warm as life grows colder. But it’s SO WORTH IT. I never understood why I couldn’t function like everyone else. Just find something you’re compassionate about and holding down that job won’t be hard. It hurts to feel stupid. It’s always so hard to dodge the walls, the car is convoluted and requires much more effort than it should. It’s full ! I don’t even know what i did with that time! Then I’m home trying to cook, clean, help the kids with homework all at the same time. I can hardly grocery shop from decision making anxiety. I’m diagnosed with ADHD. I find sleep makes a big difference if I get it. I tried to summarize an article in 400 words for my university bio class, and couldn’t get below 800 words. It is absolutely torture. Because I’ve learned I’m hopeless.) I’ve had a very large number of people that were my superiors, claim the credit for most all of the things that I would accomplish, and they would get promoted. It’s being forgetful so in the end people think you don’t care. It’s daydreaming and wondering off constantly and it’s thinking a million thoughts at once but you don’t realize it until your partner finally starts asking you and you either have no clue what u were thinking or eventually it comes to you and you realize you were just thinking 5 or 6 different things in a matter seconds/minutes it’s wishing you were normal and knowing that everyone is different and that everyone has problems but knowing deep down that there is an average of people that are at least somewhat way more normal in how think and do and wishing you were them sometimes bc at least they have a working memory forget all the other problems with our executive function issues bc as far as I feel having a bad working memory is the worst bc without a memory than what is the point of life. The hardest part of getting my flight bag packed, driving to the airport, planning the flight, pre-flighting the jet, taxi, takeoff, navigation through thunderstorms to a complicated instrument approach to a short runway with multiple system failures and constant context switching is…. But.. even better is that you’ve described my daughter, perhaps to a T. Love it.. do NOT be ashamed for this.. own it! About to fall apart with a mild gust of wind. My thing, as well as most of the above, is being late always every day for every single thing. I always thought that I had an issue and doctors never knew what it was or how to help. Your children really will never remember that the house was spotless and the ironing neatly folded. My 21 yr old has it. What I have thought my whole entire life was: Why is it so easy for other people to be normal? Every normal person perceives time the same way. ADD is not given enough credet and written off so casually to find I feel hopeless and sad and this is all I have left to say . normally without it I feel super happy and like talking to people. I talk out loud without even realizing it making people think i’m crazy. Roulette wheel distraction, that’s a great description. I feel as if I need to wear a t-shirt ? Once it gets down to 10 minutes left I could never focus because I was so focused on the ticking time. I piped up in a crowded room in a panic, “Has anyone seen where Noah went!” EVERYONE in the room started howling with laughter. I feel like if I can be comfortable with the fact that I won’t hear much, I am able to operate socially much better, but as soon as my brain STARTS thinking about thinking, or I have another negative emotion like sadness or frustration from the get-go, the whole thing turns into a downward spiral. But on your bad ADHD days, you’ll feel like you’re helpless and bound. The hours lost in trying to sleep, the friends that think you area thoroughly self-invested person. I, on the other hand, frequently find myself locked out of my house or locked in for uncomfortable periods of time. It’s super helpful. Sometimes it can be done in as little as five minutes of quiet. Believe me, I know it's not easy at all and it can seem like a long road before things start to comeback together again, but the key is never to give in. I have lists upon lists. I feel like we might be each other’s shadows. The sound of the kids walking in the hallways will enhance so much and even if it is just two kids passing by, it will sound like hundreds. Seeing people with 20, 30, 40 year careers seems so out of this world to me. What do I need, what will make me feel whole? Run to my room to grab a book. I am driving safely but on an auto pilot mode while having conversations about random things bouncing from one topic to the next and I almost have to smack myself back into focus at times. She handed me the paper and a pen I looked at the test immediately I felt overwhelmed and my mind started racing. Treading water, swimming through waves, and watching for stingrays. – I went to a mental hospital because of suicidal thoughts and anger outbursts, I really am a good kid, but I struggle with everyday tasks like socializing and walking in a crowded hall or focusing. Maybe a technical school that teaches audio production. It’s constant anxiety and paranoia of when is my next screw up or failure going to occur. But for some reason, It felt like i didn’t even take meds that day. You try to start on A but give up because you cannot focus and just do B. Luckily though I have a very supportive family and friends who help me out. I’m 34 and I got diagnosed sometime last year. FAILURE TO LAUNCH. Feels Lyrics: Hey! And I feel like I can boil myself down to extremely simplify my experience to a simple childhood game, which I was never any good at, the card machine game memory. Sometimes I will be reading something I love and I could spend hours doing this (I call this getting lost in the tabs). Its actually embarrassing. I’ve been unemployed for 11 years because of a combination of work injury at a minimum wage job and struggle of trying to finish school when the workload is crazy. Adult ADD feels everyone is on a casual paced treadmill but my treadmill is cranked up to full spread. That’s interesting to learn a bit more about how ADHD affects you. I know medication can really help that if I find the right one, but I don’t know when that’s going to happen, and the not knowing really scares me. Is a bully, depressed, anxious. But taking it was like a fog lifted an I could function. Don't take it too seriously. Eg. I could go on and on… I too have a never ending supply of great ideas and insight and can usually see so far into a conversation that I have a VERY hard time letting the other person say in their words what they mean.. I have a fast rebound also . But still it’s tring to file more and more Sometimes if it fails I will reach for another thought and come short again. The spinning and spiraling. The social contract isn’t working. Do you want me to have more mental health problems later because I hate my life in a job I don’t want that I’m stuck in? But when you do plunge it, the drain works like it was never broken, but you have to do it every day or risk a disaster. I would go from skipping a grade, I did so well to failing the next grade twice. I take 30 mg of Ritlan per day. It’s like failing all the time even when you try your hardest. Wish I had help…a life coach to hold my hand until I ‘got it’. Sad, but I spent more time getting my supervisors job done and then he got the bonus money for the stuff, and smiled as he was getting paid for it. I like when I always have a lot of energy even if other have very little. Sometimes it is so emotional I don’t know where to begin. It doesn’t matter how much I like a subject—I’m not a bloody machine. Then at 47 I was diagnosed with ADHD. Certain situations, it’s a great characteristic to have, but in most circumstances, it works against me. I wanna try somethin' right now See they don't do this anymore I'ma sing something And I want the guys to sing wit' me They go "It feels like something's heating up, can I leave with you?" I guess that’s one of the advantages of having my own business and hiring adult supervision. My grandson has been diagnosed with ADD and I am looking for an answer about how he feels and how I can help him in school. ADHD is a mental disorder that affects the frontal lobe in the brain. He discusses how different medications for ADHD work and why the effect you described is sometimes noticed with the stimulant medications. I have fun, then in my head “chill dude, wtf? My ex used to get mad and call me lazy because i forgot to mow the grass or fix that thing i forgot even needed fixing a week ago. As a result, because I managed to skip a grade then do poorly the next grade, I was of course sloppy, lazy and difficult. When it got like that, I would just fall backwards off the cliff and my brain would feel as it does before blacking out. Using the last two tide pods on my ‘rewash’ I make a mental note for my grocery check list. I could never stand up straight, I could never reach my hand up to grab my goal (which really hit hard because an adolescent I could do whatever I put my mind to). We are criticized for something they do not know and are incapable of understanding. Health Care seemed to be by hyperfocus. I could say so much more but so could many others guess I’m just venting and having a bad night. Im 50 an just dx. As an adult, I have managed to build a really success career but only because I was lucky enough to have really awesome mentors and managers. Because I’m still trying to understand myself too pls pls reply. It’s like having a hundred tvs on all at the same time, on different channels, on medium to low volume. I’m an ambivert. I can’t tell you how soon or even if he replies because I’m still working on my email to him. I couldn’t work with others (my fault, of course), couldn’t concentrate on what others were saying, (why do mundanes talk so long about absolutely nothing?) It took some adjusting at first with the dose and type but I take instant release 20mg twice a day and it’s amazing. Some people might have messier handwriting and some people might not have everything color coded, but it’s at least legible. Billy has not been medicated for 1 year now because of growth issues and the family has to cope with the way the ADHD mind works, he is disciplined and exempted differently to his his brother and sister. After parking & briefly getting antagonized by all the damn canadien geese swarming & making a ruckus in the parking lot next to the lake, I made a dash for the door. For the “normal” person, they get hyper and feel a rush of adrenaline. I understand the frustration you are going through. I will find myself having a conversation with someone and I will be nodding and agreeing, and by the end of the conversation I will realize I have no idea what I was just talking about. If only we could educate people ! I do get along well with others and am friendly… just not to the man in the mirror. Now I know why I had all these gradios ideas for careers, like astronaut, race care driver, chef, forensics pathologist, geezz..but I also had a little dyslexia. And, according to some statistics, there’s about a 50% chance that you are, too. (Just stared into space for 3 minutes.) are all being blown all over the office, and as soon as you grab one paper, there are ten more in its place flying around. Generally, if I can just get started my brain will catch up soon enough. They just think you don’t WANT to escape and do things their way. Managed to attend 2nd semester. It didn't 'fuck me up,' I could still think clearly. When I let my brain loose, I find that time absolutely flies. I find myself in the kitchen with a pair of socks. Please don’t tell me this was a ‘Oh look something new and shiny’ sort of move”. I also tend to work many more hours than anyone else, after work, but that is never recognized and they make excuses about wanting me to have “work-life balance,” and that they aren’t asking me to stay till past midnight every night, just that they want me in on-time. Boy I still do that. Those moments are such a relief. I can tell you that Looking at him as a FAILURE TO LAUNCH in all capitals and most of the other negative comments you said about him isn’t going to help and is probably going to make it worse as now you are reinforcing all the negativity he already has towards himself…when you go find some empathy and work on real ways you can help you get back to us then we can have a real discussion.

take me there i wanna know what it feels like

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