I appreciated having the conversation. More than 3,000 Jews fought for the slaveholders in the Civil War, and a Jewish owner of a 140-slave plantation, Judah P. Benjamin, was secretary of state for the Confederacy. Now brands are removing this word. The sociologist Edgar T. Thompson, in selected papers published in Plantation Societies, Race Relations, and the South (1975), provides a rigorous analysis of some of the distinguishing aspects of the plantation as a unit of production. Plantation definition is - a usually large group of plants and especially trees under cultivation. Osayi sends Dan out on a mission to talk to other white people in the food world – restaurant owners, recipes writers, bloggers, cookbook authors – who use the word plantation in their food branding. What’s Next for Brands and Anti-Racism Movements I mean, I grew up in a white town. ... we know the plantation he had in Jamaica was called Llanrumney. Unilever’s ‘Fair & Lovely’ brand. And it got some attention. But similar to things like the Nelson… This is great. I was maybe one of the two people at the bar, it was late in the evening. "So what was that?" It’s on land that’s been in Annie’s family since it was a working plantation, when her family owned enslaved people.Â. So you heard some of the discussion we had with the various folks that I spoke with. Each week on our show, we obsess about food to learn more about people. Is it taking it a bit too far? What do you think your grandmother especially loved about Colonial Williamsburg?Â, She had this kind of fascination with southern culture, and historical colonial Virginia. So my first question to you is how did that image get in my head? He interviewed Osayi, along with many other top black scholars and writers in the world of food – Michael Twitty, Nicole Taylor, Adrian Miller, and more.Â. Our engineer is JARED O’CONNELL, Music help from Black Label Music. The back of the box reads: Over 100 years ago, tea planters brought their finest ancestral tea bushes from China and India to Wadmalaw Island near the historic old city of Charleston, South Carolina. Until folks like Osayi and others started talking to me about it.Â, So this episode is about the word plantation in food. How could I get actually 40 something years old in America and it never would have occurred to me until a black person pointed it out to me that the word plantation has a negative connotation? Bigelow Plantation Mint. But as you heard, eight white folks using plantation branding in food did talk with us. Rum, guns and slaves destabilized West Africa. It’s also the reason that plantation tourism takes off in the 1930s. Even in the early 1700’s, there were many people who opposed the practice of slavery in the eighteenth century on the sugar plantation. I don't know that that absolves anything, but it was helpful to have a conversation. Just maybe some nostalgia or American culture that she was fascinated by, that was different than where she grew up. Plentiful food. I think it's going to be challenging for you to find somebody who wants to have a conversation with you that's real. DAN: It has to really strike a chord, so it's just a commentary on the people creating the advertising, it's also on the commentary on the people who are swayed by the advertising. I'm doing, that's what doing the work means. I thought it was awesome. Overall, 22 people and companies declined to talk with us. He invested substantially in this estate using money generated by the sugar and rum from his family’s Jamaican plantations. Blair is from Virginia, but the name is more connected to her grandmother, who grew up in Chicago with Polish immigrant parents:Â.  My grandmother at the holidays she loved to go to Colonial Williamsburg to have a meal at one of the historic taverns, and then just to kind of walk around and see the holiday decorations and do some shopping. I've never experienced that in my life. So next week, in part two of this series, I’m going to a plantation to find out. Blair Lonergan - Creator of the Seasoned Mom blog. Because it’s not black people who build their resorts named after Plantation, putting a fence in front of it. Did you grow up in African American communities? Like I said, they sell a Plantation Mint Tea. "Plantation oh okay." I mean I wrote the piece that got us here. I want people to see a recipe on my site and instantly have a strong reaction. Now, this next group includes MaryAnn Dwyer and Vinne Carbone, both of whom you heard earlier. This is for a segment of the population. This is a good beat that you’ve stumbled into here Osayi. I think what I try to focus on when I cook is I want to focus on the hard work that the people did on those plantations and the food and the recipes that came out of it, and that's what I tend to focus on. Those clips began and ended with Tom Gumhold, he owned the Plantation Supper Club in Wisconsin until it closed recently. The controversial 5ft tall plaque inside St Peter's Church in Dorchester, Dorset, praises the 'bravery' and 'humanity' of 18th century plantation owner John Gordon. The word “plantation” has been used in food branding to conjure images of a romanticized American South. Right. Now, back to Me and Osayi in Crown Heights over a couple glasses of Plantation rum. Even I believe the word Rum comes from Rumney and Llanrumney which was a connection to where he came from Lots of food brands emerged around this time that portrayed black Americans in the role of servants, from Longwood Plantation brand syrup to Uncle Ben’s. Sometimes in our podcast. DAN: So professor, as I said, up until recently, the word plantation would have evoked that happy idyllic image for me. That plantation branding that both professors talked about, you still see plenty of it today. After Osayi discovers plantation rum in that bar in Nashville, she decides to write a piece about it. Plantation Grand Reserve is an extremely versatile rum, mixing well with plenty of syrups, juices, and fruits. DAN: So here's really the first question professor. CLAIRE: Taking you know three or four days out of a week to shoot this video where at the end I had five homemade gushers. The movie was the first based upon a book written by an African-American writer. So in all this noise, you might have missed a story from the world of alcohol: “Plantation Rum” is changing its name. My read at the moment was that telling me speaking to a black customer like, "I have to tell you that this brand of this rum that you're asking about is called plantation." So she decides to try it. Despite that association, Professor Williams Forson can see why plantation branding has been so effective. I would almost you know, I’d want to hear from a contention of Afro Americans and to see if they have any, what their feelings were. We got 8 people who are using or have used the word plantation in food – all of them white – to talk with us. She scurried away. He publishes the Junior League of New Orleans Plantation Cookbook, which first came out in 1972. And so that certainly gave me a different perspective of being in the position to constantly have to explain.Â, I appreciate you sharing that with me. Coming up, we take a deeper look at what that plantation image is really communicating – and we ask how so many of these folks I’m talking with – and I – got that blissful picture in our heads. To be clear, the lines aren’t completely black and white. He invested substantially in this estate using money generated by the sugar and rum from his family’s Jamaican plantations. I don't know what that says about our culture, that we don't want to acknowledge or we don't want to focus on or we don't want to admit this aspect of our country's history. The Hopefield Plantation is one of the oldest surviving sugar plantations on the island still producing rum for export. It doesn't indicate certain spices or cooking methods. I find it a bit strange that they import the liquor directly from the country that has been making the rum for over 200 years, they bottle it themselves and print the labels themselves, yet they have NO idea what the origin of the logo is and need to do an investigation? Disordered eating, anti-Blackness, and addiction all bubble together in Kiese Laymon’s new memoir, Heavy. I think it is a logical place to go, but I don't want to push you there out of the shame. They made hunting down slaves much easier. Osayi’s piece about plantation rum was published by the Southern Foodways Alliance. This is Blair Lonergan, she runs a food blog called The Seasoned Mom. Because as we know, it's not a culinary term, so you're not saying anything about the way that chicken or rice was cooked or the seasoning or anything. And when that question is posited, when that seed is planted, it's very unsettling because it literally goes to the core of who you believe you are.Â. I don't think that you meant it this way, but I'm curious just to unpack a little bit. And so for that to happen, the people receiving the marketing have to really like it. Then you also said, but you're less interested in getting people to stop using the word. “Especially in [Plantation’s] association with much graver images and dark realities of the past.”. Church memorial to 18th century plantation owner John Gordon hailing his 'bravery' in quelling slave rebellion in Jamaica in 1760 is ... rum and molasses. This grew into events as part of Glasgow’s Doors Open Days and a leaflet entitled “ It wisnae us! © 2009-2020 The Sporkful. "It's Plantation. And that is obviously, I shouldn't say obviously. And it’s just healthy to have a perspective. I was very uncomfortable talking about race, and in early episodes of The Sporkful when I attempted to talk about it, I would be a stuttering blubbering mess, because that was so uncomfortable.Â, You know, I think that sometimes on this show when we spend more time digging into something in great detail, I like it when it changes the way that people look at that thing forever, and changes the way that I look at that thing forever.

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