We are still keeping the old scale in the bathroom for guests and the kids. It provides auto-calibration and you won’t have any issues with it. This weight watchers scale also has overload and low battery indication. It boasts having an easy operation and easily syncs with many applications and devices to make it more convenient to the user. This has been an incredible tool in my fitness journey. The scale is CE/FCC/ROHS certified, so you can compare it with the medical-grade equipment. Yunmai Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Scale and Body Fat Monitor With up to 16 slots for family members and friends, you could turn the healthy lifestyle into a group goal. I found that I was drinking too much water because Body Water % was not increasing even though my water consumption had increased. Feature SYNC WITH FITNESS APP - Smart Body Scale with easy operation, download "FITINDEX" APP through Apple Store or Google Play, connect via Bluetooth 4.0, support for Android 4.0 & IOS 7.0 or above smart phones, help to track and manage your health index at any time, can also sync with APPLE Health, GOOGLE Fit and FITBIT APP, keep you and your family healthy Product : Fitindex smart scale Connectivity : Bluetooth Compatibility :IOS and android. The scales ranged in price from $40 to $150. I really like the scale, it works great every once in a while my phone wont be close enough and the blue tooth wont link but just every once in a while, I love it. I flipped over the scale and one of the little feet has completely detached from the housing and is just loosely hanging out inside of it's spot. A bathroom scale can be very helpful in determining your weight every day. I thought once I stepped on it it would break because of the way it felt in my hands but it was surprisingly sturdy. I installed the battery it came with and nothing. Fast and free shipping free … This scale uses the latest technologies and high precision sensors to calculate weight and other measurements. We looked into whether you can trust your scale. It is very easy to set up and use. Kids also bang it around often and it has yet to break. That way you will be able to view your body composition data easily and will be able to set exercise goals and change your diet plan accordingly. So I moved it to another part of my tile floor thinking maybe the floor was slanted or something, recalibrated, and it said I had lost 5lb. This scale is useful for people who prefer basic scales that provide a general body weight reading. So, you won’t slide around while taking weight and other measurements. And it has a nice red light digital readout. It’s so helpful with getting your fitness goals and affordable!! I like that it is glass - no more rusting steel. The new batteries only worked a few days in it. We rounded up the best smart scales you can buy on Amazon. Reassign any Fitbit scale weigh-in to yourself or another user. connects to my fit bit and keeps me on track. After that it's just a matter of reading the screen. This smart and body fat weight scale is ideal for people who want to track their weight loss. The body scale app can generate a detailed report with your phone. Healthy For Love! The body scale app can generate a detailed report with your phone. so, you will be able to quickly adjust your diet plan and exercise routine accordingly and try to achieve a fit body. Not sure how accurate body fat measurement is, but I love this scale. FITINDEX BLUETOOTH SCALE USER AGREEMENT. Buy FitIndex Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Weight Scale. Do go to the FAQ page if you have any questions, or if you want to explore more features about Arboleaf scales and mobile apps. The FITINDEX scale requires essentially no set up, so you could quickly be on your way to better health. Unlike the Greater Goods scale, the Eufy P1 can display only weight on the actual scale, reserving the other specs for the companion app. My new scale fairly consistently records a weight 5 - 7 pounds lower than other scales (old Salter scale, scale at the gym). It uses step-on technology, so you won’t need any effort to take your weight and other measurements. FITINDEX is the top app to be a healthier. It has a smooth structure and surface that makes the scale comfortable for taking regular weights. One of two things likely happens at this point. About this item Sync with fitness app - smart body scale with easy operation, download "FITINDEX" app through apple store or google play, connect via Bluetooth 4.0, Support for android 4.3 And IOS 7.0 Or above smart phones, help to track and manage your health index at any time, can also sync with apple health, google fit and FITBIT app, keep you and your family healthy The size of the platform should be larger. I am disappointed that after four months this scale stopped working. There are options like the Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom scale, the Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale, the RENPHO Smart BMI scale, the FITINDEX Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom scale, and the eufy Smart scale, just to name a few. Extremely easy set up almost plug and play easy! Use the weight scale while barefoot. Metrics: Weight, BMI, … You need that to zero the scale. Place the body fat scale on a hard, flat surface during use. Bought the scale a month ago, got on this morning and the scale maxed out at 396.8lbs (not even close to my current weight)... decided to go to the gym, when I got home the scale was still showing 396.8lbs. Of not, I'm inclined to send it back. This scale is amazing I have been using it for a month and absolutely love it it's a great way to keep track of your progress. A digital weight scale is more accurate than the old fashioned needle scales. If it wasn't such a hassle to return during covid I would. Tap Recent Weigh-Ins. But since it doesn’t work I’m sending it back. This is one of the best quality modern weight scales you will find in the market today. The weighing scale would not display anything. Download the "FITINDEX" APP through Apple Store or Google Play to record and track your daily weight and BMI. For example, the SNUUNG Body Fat Scale also measures other body compositions such as body fat and water, bone and muscles mass, calories, BMI, and Visceral fat. Happy to be able to measure my progress in the gym. FITINDEX Smart Digital Body Weight Scale, Bluetooth BMI Bathroom Scale with Smartphone App, Step-on Technology, Sturdy Tempered Glass 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,592. This smart weight scale can communicate with smartphone apps to track your weight patterns. The FitIndex Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is made with a high quality tempered glass platform, including 4 sensitive electrodes, step on technology, auto-calibration, and high precision sensors. It can evaluate your body fat, water weight… Literally exactly what I needed, actually more than I needed for half the price!! When using the scale make sure that it is on a flat and hard surface; otherwise, you won’t get accurate results. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You have entered an incorrect email address! It even transfers the weight to my Noom app so that is another plus. Next. FITINDEX Smart Digital Body Weight Scale Syncs with Popular Fitness App: The scale and apps are easy to use. Really like this scale, I’ve had an old school scale for a long time - but decided to get this Bluetooth with all these other measurement categories.

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