Can some system tweaks be enough to restore adequate performance, or is it time to bite the bullet and invest in a new one? Better dehumidification. Ever since we have been having excessive humidity issues. Your furnace filter will clog up quicker (even though that means it’s working), but you will have to adjust your filter more frequently. Your AC size needs to be carefully calculated using a load calculation process. All you need is a working air conditioning system and a little know-how. Summer Humidity Is Scarier Than You Think, Commercial Refrigeration Service & Repair, HVAC Humidity Control: 5 Reasons Your AC Is Ineffective, Controlling humidity indoors is now more important than ever due to COVID, New York HVAC Systems: 8 Reasons Bigger is Not Always Better, 7 Reasons to Choose VRF Technology for Your New Air Conditioning, Repair or Replace? This is how your AC unit works. If you’re sweating your way through another muggy August, read on to learn more about HVAC humidity control and why your AC might not be up to the task. A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air before it travels through your ductwork and into your space. More frequent starts and stops will make the fan wear out faster. … We’d love to hear from you. So, their working process depends entirely on the measured temperature at home. If your AC was chosen and installed by a builder rather than a qualified HVAC company, there’s a good chance that it was done incorrectly. Our team goes the extra mile to deliver it every day. When the fan runs continuously, it picks up the condensed water droplets and circulates them back inside the house. It could cost you hundreds of dollars a year. When the fan is set to On, it blows continuously, circulating and filtering air regardless of whether the air conditioner is in cooling mode. ----- Our mission is informing people properly. When it is warm, and you are looking for an effective yet inexpensive way to … “Should I set my HVAC fan to auto or on” is a question we commonly receive from Homesense customers — along with “does running the fan on my air conditioner use a lot of electricity?” It’s a debated topic throughout the industry, so we’re going to give you the pros, the cons, and our recommendation. Doing so keeps it running as efficiently as possible to provide better HVAC humidity control. Actually, all the air conditioners have temperature sensor, but most of them do not have one for humidity. This can be better for people with allergies. A common misconception is the idea that your air conditioning unit's only purpose is to continually blow cool air into your home continually until your house has reached the temperature you've set on your thermostat. As a result, the AC does not operate as efficiently and may have more trouble removing humidity from the air inside. In this article, we examine the issues caused by changing humidity levels when running air conditioning units. There is a reason you see so many ceiling fans all over the south! Why? Positive customer relationships and experiences are the cornerstone of their business. Fix Any Leaking Pipes. After our first call, we never looked back. It’s an ages-old debate: does it do any good to run your blower fan in your home without turning on the air conditioner itself? We call this the sensible heat ratio (SHR). When you invest in a preventative maintenance plan for your air conditioner, you get a regular inspection, tune-up and cleaning of system components. Excessive indoor humidity could be the culprit. Controlling humidity indoors is now more important than ever due to COVID, because the virus thrives in both very high and very low humidity conditions. I'm a fan of spectacular - Homesense is changing how the Indianapolis community views HVAC companies. Here are the pros and cons to this approach: When keeping your air conditioner fan on or auto, there’s no boilerplate recommendation that we make to home owners, because everyone has different needs. PRO TIP: Many newer thermostats will have a variable speed blower or “circulate” option, that allows you to set the fan on for a certain amount of time every hour. There was a certain confidence and professional casualness about Homesense that made me feel both comfortable and happy with every step of the process. Although the air temperature will be similar to the space temperature, your house will feel cold. Your air conditioner's fan operates independently from the cooling unit, circulating air throughout your home. And the culprit is likely humidity. When humidity levels are excessive, they need to work a lot harder. By running the furnace fan all the time, you are also running air through your furnace filter constantly. Related article: 7 Reasons to Choose VRF Technology for Your New Air Conditioning. I am running a dedicated dehumidifier and it mad the humidity higher at 42%. Run the AC. In between cooling cycles, the fan shuts off. When the fan is running 24/7, that moisture doesn’t have a chance to drip outside. To make sure your AC unit is running as efficiently as possible, perform routine maintenance on it … Running the 300-watt fan continuously in the “on” position will increase your monthly energy bill. Running the fan for a long period of time with any system (central air or window box) will also increase the humidity in the room. 3. The fact is, an oversized AC system does a poor job of controlling both temperature and humidity. On the dry setting, the air conditioner will be working to remove the uncomfortable humidity and not trying to cool the air as much. This results in healthier indoor air … If the problem is bad enough, your AC may not be able to keep up, and HVAC humidity control is compromised. Responsive. My air conditioner is not getting the humidity lower than 40% and that’s with the outside humidity around 10%. That’s because the powerful compressor turns on and off frequently, so the system never runs long enough to remove humidity from the air. How Humidity Affects Air Conditioning. This seems like a very simple solution, but less than 20% of homes in the United … Seal Leaks – Leaking seals around your windows and doors can make your home more humid! The fan’s “AUTO” setting works with your heating + cooling system, so your fan is running the least amount of time needed, at the slowest speed. In a nutshell, it means that you are venting too much air from the space. Therefore, you may end up running your AC even more, to counterbalance the extra heat. Outside air is also drawn in through every little opening in the building. Negative air pressure is the result of a poorly designed ventilation system. This option is much more cost effective, because you are using less energy. If you’re not an HVAC expert, it may seem counter-intuitive to say that your air conditioner is too big to do the job effectively. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night sweating with the A/C running?

does running the fan on my air conditioner reduce humidity

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