Take a short cutting with several leaves and stick the end of the cutting into a pot of warm, damp, sterile potting soil. Plant beside a silvery artemisia for a contrasting cloud of beauty.  'Ann Folkard' is a hybrid cross between  G. procurrens and G. psilostemon. Geraniums may be grown as houseplants or as annual flowers. Shear the plants when blooms fade to keep it tidy. This is quite a large plant for a geranium, and it does not tolerate frost. Keep the pot moist and place it in a bright location out of direct sunlight as roots become well established. These are warm-region plants that dislike cold temperatures. By using The Spruce, you accept our, 15 Red-Flowering Plants to Consider for Your Garden, Annual Vinca (Madagascar Periwinkle) Plant Profile, Crossandra (Firecracker Flower) Plant Profile, 9 Best Colorful Plants for Hanging Baskets. Native Area: Nursery hybrid; parent species are native to western Asia, 'Patricia' is another hybrid creaton, this one a cross between Geranium endressii and G. psilostemon. Scientific name: Pelargonium × hortorum. When the seedlings sprout, begin removing the dome for short periods each day to allow moisture to escape and to prevent damping-off fungus. Glossy green foliage takes on an attractive reddish hue in the fall. While Geranium is the common name for these annual plants, their botanical name is actually Pelargonium. White Geranium Annual Plant. Our Products: Annual Plants > Geranium Plants > Ivy Geranium Plants. Growing Hardy Geraniums. 'Patricia' hardy geraniums are taller than most, reaching a height of about 30 inches. Add a thin dusting of additional seed-starting mix over the tops of the seeds. June and July bring violet flowers with dark veining and a white blotch that make them interesting cut flowers. The plant often reblooms if it is sheared back after the first blooms fade. What beautiful flowers! Hardy geraniums do not demand frequent division, and once established, they are among the easiest of all perennials to care for. Webs or parched leaves are signs of spider mites. Geranium. This plant is a hybrid cross between G. gracile and G. ibericum, both native to western Asia. For an early May planting date, for example, you'll need to start seeds in January. Pests generally pass over hardy geraniums—no chemical sprays are needed. Plants have a long blooms season, and the lobed foliage is attractive even out of bloom. Ivy Geraniums. Place the plants in a very bright location or under grow lights and water them daily. These geraniums are are characterized by their extraordinary... Ivy Geraniums… Satisfaction guaranteed! Glad to see you publishing again. Taking cuttings is a traditional method of propagating geraniums and maintaining favorite varieties. Feed the seedlings weekly with a very weak houseplant food dilution. The toxic parts of the plants are the leaves, which can also cause contact dermatitis. As spring arrives, harden off the plants for 7 days before transplanting them outdoors. To avoid confusion, we usually refer to Pelargoniums as “annual Geraniums” and true Geraniums as “hardy/perennial Geraniums”. Geranium Companion Plants. Fast forward to today, and these workhorses of the Summer garden come in every color imaginable, including peach and orange shades, rose and fuchsia colors, yellows, pale purples, deep magentas, and various pinks, reds and of course white. Hardy perennial geraniums shrug off cold winters, with many hardy to zone 3. Toward the end of the growing season, several species also put on a … Ivy geraniums (Pelargonium peltatum) are trailing plants, with lobed, ivylike leaves, … They are found throughout the temperate regions of the world and the mountains of the tropics, but mostly in the eastern part of the Mediterranean region. But once you've grown hardy geraniums, annual geraniums may lose their appeal for you. I will find out in May if the ones I planted last year will come back. We offer a nice selection of geraniums for sale: ivy geraniums, balcony geraniums, zonal geraniums, and heat loving calliope geraniums. Flowers of 'Summer Skies' last longer in sites with afternoon shade.Â, 'Splish Splash' brings a level of novelty to the cranesbill group that appeals to many gardeners. Here are 16 good varieties to consider for your garden. This collection includes 2 each of the following varieties. 'Carol' also makes a rock wall into a vertical garden when you plant small divisions between gaps. 'Ann Folkard' geraniums spread generously in the garden, weaving bright green foliage and purple flowers with neighboring plants to fill in all gaps in the summer border. Insecticidal soap, then a water rinse applied after the soap has dried, is an effective treatment for these pests. Vigoro 1 Qt. These tidy plants have a nicely rounded shape, with mounds of chartreuse foliage that soften border edges even when plants aren't in bloom.Â. Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on April 01, 2018: I did not know there are different varieties of perennial geraniums. The blue flowers with deep purple veins are very showy when paired with white flowers like sweet alyssum or phlox. Discovered at the Royal Botanical Garden in Scotland, this plant may be a cross between Geranium peloponnesiacum and G. renardii.Â, In addition to its unusual name, this geranium stands apart from others due to its aromatic leaves, which release fragrant oils when crushed. Geranium is a genus of 422 species of annual, biennial, and perennial plants that are commonly known as geraniums or cranesbills. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. ... White and Cream Geranium Annual Plant. One of the biggest advantages to growing perennial geraniums is the ease of planting and care. Begonia. These plants will grow in full sun or partial shade, but they bloom best in full sun punctuated with some shady relief in the hottest hours of the afternoon. Geranium Care Must-Knows. When growing in containers, use a well-draining general-purpose potting soil—not garden soil. Annual geranium colors Way back when, the most common colors of zonal geraniums were white, pink and red. These are a large geranium that will grow to about 10-12 inches high. ... Certain varieties can survive the hotter summers in zone 9, and some others can survive, at least as far as the roots, in winters as cold as those in zone 3. They are named for their thick, glossy green leaves, which are similar to those of an ivy plant. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board, Annual geranium, zonal geranium, regal geranium, Martha Washington geranium, ivy-leaved geraniumÂ, Herbaceous perennial flower, usually grown as an annual, 5 to 36 inches tall, depending on variety, Red, purple, pink, magenta orange, salmon, white, bicolors, Species are from Southern Africa; most are now cultivated hybrids. Growing zonal geraniums is a snap. If keeping geraniums as houseplants, be sure to bring them indoors in late summer or early fall, when nighttime temperatures start to regularly dip below 55°F (13°C). This plant is responsible for shining the spotlight on hardy geraniums in general and caused a resurgence of interest in their role in the garden. In the fall, some of the varieties will turn soothing shades of rust and crimson. Annual geraniums prefer rich but well-drained soil that is slightly acidic—5.8 to 6.5. Geraniums (Pelargonium x hortorum) are grown as annuals in most parts of the United States, but they are actually tender perennials.This means that with a little care, getting geraniums to last over winter is possible. Martha Washington or regal geraniums (Pelargonium x domesticum) are the cool-season annual geranium. Most geraniums are F1 hybrids that will not come true from seeds taken from the plants. The trailing geraniums (ivy leaf) can be grown in hanging baskets, window-boxes or tall urns. However, because their appearance differs from common garden geraniums, you may have mistaken them for a different plant. Most annual geraniums start blooming mid-spring and will repeat bloom until the first frost. 'Espresso' Dark, moody foliage is very on-trend in the landscape, and this seldom-seen variety will … Plants that stop blooming in hot weather may just need a little shade for the hottest time of the day. Packaged very well so no stems were broken. The Different Varieties of Geraniums Zonal Geraniums. Although not a true Geranium, it belongs in the same family. It?s a simple question with a slightly complicated answer. Native Area: Nursery hybrid; parents species are native to Himalayas and Southwest Asia. Hardy geranium is the rare plant that does best without any fertilizer at all, though it may appreciate an annual top-dressing of compost around the base of the plants. Symptoms related to ingestion include vomiting, depression, anorexia, and gastrointestinal upset. Geranium | Better Homes & Gardens. They combine very well with trailing annual flowers like Lobelia, Bacopa, Millionbells (Callibrachoa), Bidens or Verbenas. Geraniums grow indoors and out. Height: 10-12" Geranium cantabrigiense If you want to stump your horticulturally savvy friends, grow a lesser-known geranium variety like the G. wallichianum 'Buxton Blue' (also known as 'Buxton's Variety'). Biokovo: Eye-catching hot pink sepals highlight starry white blooms on this award-winning variety. Originating in South Africa they can be grown in the United States as an annual plant. Prolonged temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit will stunt these plants, and temperatures at the freezing point usually kills them. The palmately cleft leaves are broadly circular in form. Since these geraniums thrive in cooler temperatures, they are normally only sold as container plants in late winter or early spring. Make sure to water slowly at soil level and avoid splashing soil onto the leaves. It is recommended that you deadhead the entire flower stalk after the flower fades to encourage more blooms. Hardy geraniums can cope with any soil type and some, such as Geranium sylvaticum and its cultivars, can cope with very dry conditions.. Hardy geraniums can be great self-seeders and plants will often grow in tiny cracks in paving, proving how tough they are. Give them a sunny spot with soil that is rich but well-drained. Native to woodland areas, 'Espresso' geraniums prefer more moisture than other hardy geraniums, and also tolerate more shade than other varieties. They are used especially as potted plants (or planters), but they can also form colored beds in some corner of the garden. Bright and c… Annual geraniums are favorites for container plantings and hanging baskets, and they also work well as bedding plants. Geraniums, however, can have very pretty foliage. There are annual geraniums that are tulip-flowered, cactus-flowered, and some with spiky star-shaped flowers. Different Varieties of Perennial Geraniums. One of the first of the popular hardy geranium's, 'Johson's Blue' remains a favorite, and for good reason. However, do not leave them dry for so long that they start dropping leaves and declining. Common Name. If you do fall in love with their double violet flowers and tolerance of many growing conditions, you can propagate them by division in the spring.Â, In contrast to the many sprawling hardy geraniums available, 'Stephanie' produces a very compact plant that perks up the late spring border. Bacopa. The Pelargonium species most often go by the common name annual geraniums or zonal geraniums. These fungal problems can be combatted by pruning the plant to improve air circulation or using copper-soap fungicides. Container plants can be brought indoors if you wish. The Geranium genus is quite a large one, comprising more than 400 species. A form of zonal geranium, variegated types have an upright form and can grow 2 to 3 feet tall. As is the case with many hybrid plants, 'Sirak' geraniums are consistent and reliable garden performers. For maximum effect in the garden design, add a companion planting that emphasizes one of the two colors of 'Splish Splash,' like 'Blue Hill' meadow sage or candytuft.Â, Also known as mourning widow geranium, 'Springtime' hardy geraniums sport deep burgundy spring flowers held aloft on wiry stems. Are geraniums annual or perennial? Costa Farms 1 QT Purple Geraniums (8pk) Lovely plants, already blooming! Marie Iannotti is an author, photographer, and speaker with 27 years of experience as a Cornell Cooperative Extension Horticulture Educator and Master Gardener, The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Every petal features a different pattern of flecks and specks that endure for several weeks in summer. Shear the plants back when blooming slows for a repeat show in early fall. If you choose to take cuttings, make sure you only use healthy, vigorous plants. Hardy geraniums (not to to confuse with Perlagoniums, annual geraniums) provide an easy care, colorful, reliable ground cover or filler in the sunny to partially shaded garden.. True geraniums, commonly known as cranesbill geraniums, are a group of flowering plants that come from the genus of the same name. Isolate affected plants from any others, and apply a one-percent solution of neem oil spray, soaking the plant and the soil. Older varieties are somewhat intolerant of long periods of heat and humidity, but newer varieties are more heat-resistant. The warmer the climate, the more the plants will appreciate some afternoon shade. Finally, they can also be grown as a houseplant.

annual geranium varieties

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