Tue 27 Jun 2006 How can I reuse or recycle... cotton bobbins? It's a way to recycle, support excellent causes and small businesses, and be on the cutting edge of fashion all at the same time. Recycle 4 Charities - If you are interested in helping others, there are many charities that will take your old cartridges and use the money they receive from recycling them. Plastics are components of countless products, such as electronics, furniture and beverage containers. Recycle children's artwork to make your own wrapping paper or sew reusable fabric gift bags. Recycled containers: Many gardeners recycle containers and gardening objects to create unique planters. Metals are reusable natural resources. Also, don't forget that you may be able to recycle cell phone accessories, including cases, batteries, chargers, and headsets. Conserves natural resources such as timber, water and minerals 3. Brighten up the room with all-white furniture, or recycle used furniture by painting it in alternating primary colors as well. It's a great way to recycle, clean out your drawers and closets, plus get a "new" pair of denim shorts to wear. recycle>Recycling of household wastes has been increasing during recent years to about 61% . ), keep these words in mind each time you think about purchasing something or throwing something away. Learning how to make a candle from crayons is a fun and creative way to recycle old crayons and stubs. While a couple can request that guests recycle the programs, some couples choose alternatives to printed programs. Recycle Your Jeans is an UK company that recycles your jeans into sandals. Recycling Options Change Depending on Where You Live. For example, some may offer curbside recycling, while others may have central drop-off facilities. For example, one of the biggest problems in the world today is the staggering amount of electronic waste (e-waste) that is produced. Glass provides packaging containers for diverse products, such as food, beverages and perfume. You may even be able to recycle the HMB0012 style and wear it to a dinner party. They recycle old carpets through a carpet reclamation scheme. Many major cities in the United States have recycling programs as well as programs to collect yard and hazardous waste. tonne company has the capacity to recycle 4,000 tons per year. Not everything can be recycled (yet), but you should be able to find recycling facilities for these six main categories of household waste: Glass Most household glass can be recycled … The company's focus is on deconstruction of buildings to recycle materials, but it also accepts donations of new materials as well. To find the recycling center nearest you, call: 1 800-CLEANUP . Some service providers allow you to put all your recycling (except glass and plastic bags) into one bin. Make environmental responsibility a priority this Christmas by designing ornaments that recycle and reuse common household items. Recyclable products are used as the raw materials for new products. Automobile fluids: Recycle used antifreeze, motor oil, transmission and brake fluids. There are many ways to recycle and reduce your waste. Homeowners can use mulching lawn mowers to reduce the size of grass clippings, which are a good source of nitrogen, and spread them back over the yard. Paper bag crafts are not only fun, they are a great way to recycle all of those paper bags you have lying around. According to Earth 911, Americans recycle approximately 13 million glass jars every day. If reply envelopes are in good condition, reuse them to send your own mail. Since metals retain their properties, they can be recycled indefinitely. She holds a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in political science from the University of Texas at Tyler. Recycle definition is - to pass again through a series of changes or treatments: such as. plastic bags to the grocery store for them to recycle. The important take-away is that not all plastics are recyclable materials.The symbols on the bottom of plastic containers tell us what type of plastic resin makes up the container. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation.