Reveal the natural beauty of your precast concrete step & decks by requesting our Exposed Finish. Pre-cast steps are capable of handling high volumes of foot traffic that would require regular maintenance from wooden steps. Cast in two standard section sizes. Broom finish creates texture on the surface so they will be slip-resistant. ADDING A PLANTER - Planters are separate precast concrete castings that are bolted to the cast concrete steps. No matter what specific type of precast concrete steps you need, we’ll satisfy your requirements and surpass all expectations. Specializing in precast concrete products A&P Concrete Products Ltd. is Moncton, Saint John and Miramichi New Brunswick’s first choice for structural concrete and architectural precast concrete steps, retaining walls, CSA compliant septic tanks and much more.. Carey Precast Concrete Steps are designed for appearance and strength to enhance residential and commercial structures. We install house wrap and mounting brackets. Steps. Westcon carries large inventories of Standard Concrete Steps with a variety of different molds at our Edmonton and Calgary locations, that are not readily available at other retailers. Take that measurement and look at the HEIGHT column to determine how many risers (steps) you will need. St. Albert, Alberta 3ft. We will take a trip to your worksite and conduct measurements to ensure they are accurate. Shapes and Sizes of Precast Concrete Steps Rectangle steps - 3' to 7' long, 5" to 8" high Exposed Half Moon - 3' to 7' radius, 6" to 8" high Hand Rails Are Also Available Precast concrete steps are less likely to settle because they are hollow and much lighter than solid concrete steps that are made on site. Utilizing lifting slings or fork adaptors the Century steps are easily loaded into pickup trucks or trailers. Installation is usually done by the precast step company. Our precast forming systems will allow you to pour different size products with the same kit of forms. Edmonton Special sections made to customer’s design and spec. This measurement determines the size step you need. toll free: 1.855.459.6695 Universal precast concrete steps are manufactured at our Edmonton and Calgary locations for site-specific projects like a custom-tailored suit. We offer a choice of three step options and three options for finishing. The cost of precast concrete steps will vary by the nature of your project. I'll show you my method for pouring a garage floor in 17 minutes. There’s a lot to cover, so if you have any questions, contact me! Next, the platform or landing, is the … The Precast steps must be 6 feet wide to accommodate a planter. The standard stair tread sizes are either 10 or 12 inches deep and the top platforms are either 14 or 42 inches deep, but vary depending on the precast step manufacturer. A Westcon sales representative will confirm the order. Put the stairs into place and ensure proper slope. Our steps are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes to fit any customers needs. Specials by request. Complementary to the bull nosing, the entire surface of this product is exposed to create an air of elegance to any home. Westcon Precast helps your project by ensuring that your order is delivered and installed correctly to get the longest service life possible out of the precast concrete steps you’ve selected. Precast Steps: Clean, Economical Concrete Steps Precast steps, also known as unit steps, make an excellent addition to any new home build or as a replacement step. No maintenance required. With the exception of the Bullnose Finish, the exposed kick is only available in Calgary. After initially being sealed, maintenance is usually just pressure washing once a year. Learn More . Foss has crafted high-quality precast concrete steps in a wide variety of size and style options designed to accommodate every client’s unique style and budget. Century steps are manufactured from light weight concrete making handling, delivery, and installation of your step safe, and easy. There's no step quite like the unique, one-piece Unit Step. Miller Precast Ltd. manufactures and installs precast concrete steps. Wider or curved alternatives can increase your budget. We offer you the Century Precast concrete steps. and also complete custom work. The color and detail of the finish product is very neat, clean and professionally done. Created as one-piece which resists damage in Alberta’s harsh weather conditions. fax 780.459.6670 Our precast stairs can be faced with brick and come with either 7 or 7.5 inch risers that can be \"stacked\" in unlimited combinations. Usually, their size is: – Width – between 4 and 10 feet; However, they can be placed side by side if you need a wider prefabricated concrete stairs To view the different sizes of Century steps available at your local dealer click here. View Map >>, Class 1 NSF40 Treatment Plants: Pro-Flo Products. The step you choose can be finished in any of the three available finishing treatments. Knowing this makes it easier to determine the overall size of the stairs. Standards from stock. 734-721-4056. Easy Installation. Precast elements supplied included; ShawSpan rigid frame structure, precast retaining wall elements, PL2 parapet barrier, and EVEN the precast sidewalk! (Learn My Fast Method), How To Resurface A Concrete Pool Deck | Repair Pool Patio Surface DIY, How To Repair Spalling Concrete Patios & Driveways - Video Tutorial, DIY Epoxy Concrete Crack Repair - What I use - How I Repair Concrete, How To Resurface Badly Damaged Concrete (Walks, Patios, Driveways). We take pride in the degree of planning and precision of manufacturing universal precast concrete steps, as well as the execution of delivery to any schedule. This method insures neither the front or back of the steps will settle and move out of place. The hollow steps are made of concrete and they are available in three or four foot widths. Most precast steps are left down one step from the door threshold. THE NATURAL LOOK - The Textured concrete molds combined with the colored concrete being used when building precast steps gives them such a natural look, it's very difficult to tell if the steps are concrete or real granite, fieldstone, or brick. Measure the drop from the board to the ground or finished grade at that point. The risers can also have a different look than the concrete stair treads and platform. Fletcher Hebb Super ShawSpan. Add to project; A collection of two-piece units for creating attractive, DDA-compliant steps which complement the surrounding landscape. Where form meets function. They load the steps onto a boom truck, drive them to your house or place of business and set them in place for you. These quality concrete steps are produced in a controlled environment to ensure a higher-quality concrete and a consistent finish. There are considerable benefits of choosing precast concrete steps and landings for your next residential or commercial construction project: At Westcon, all our steps are pre-measured on-site, manufactured in our CSA Certified Facility, and professionally installed. Hollow. - Sizes: 3' to 8' wide, and 1 to 8 risers up (depending on the width). The precast granite steps have a stair tread and platform that look like natural granite. Tuck Precast manufactures quality precast concrete steps in a variety of sizes. Canada, PRE-CON takes great pride in manufacturing both wet and dry cast industrial concrete products. Calgary: 1.888.279.2537. While we inventory every standard precast stair tread size needed for most stairway projects, we welcome the opportunity to review your specs, for those not-so-standard jobs. Sturdy wrought iron railings and, maintenance free vinyl railings are also available. • Measure out from the house 42″ for a standard platform and 12″ per step (tread). Calgary, Alberta The weight of precast concrete steps range from 4,100 lbs – 9,500 lbs (1,859.73 – 4,309.13 kg). Edmonton: 1.855.459.6695 - They can either have a nice clean white or grey finish. The old stairs will need to be removed if the steps are a retrofit. Available in the popular Conservation X, Perfecta and Saxon finishes and a variety of sizes as standard, with bespoke riser options available on request. Pre-cast concrete steps offer advantages over both wooden steps and cast-in-place steps. Available in two standard types, single weathered and double weathered. Precast concrete steps are made out of concrete that's poured into a precast concrete mold that's shaped like a set of steps. For best results, contact us to arrange a site visit prior to a formal quote. Solid vs. Hi, I am Mike Day, owner of Day’s Concrete Floors, Inc. in Maine,  where I've been working with concrete for 40 years now, and this website is where I can share with you all the knowledge and wisdom I've gained from installing all kinds of decorative concrete, concrete floors, concrete overlays, stained concrete and also fixing cracked or spalled concrete. Foss precast steps enhance hundreds of homes and businesses throughout New Hampshire, Maine and northern Massachusetts. T8N 3Z2 You can. 4412 54th Avenue SE To keep the precast stairs level, the installers will bolt a piece of angle iron to the house foundation and set the back of the stairs on the leveled angle iron to stabilize and level the stairs. Our Standard Precast Concrete Steps are off-the-shelf steps that come in fixed sizes. … 39000 Ford Rd., Westland, MI 48185. Concrete poured under controlled conditions for maximum strength and durability. Our demand for perfection and pride of the job is done right the first time, every time. Copes. Step Treads (Brickwork Only) ... At Saddingtons we make Concrete Pipe Headwalls to suit a variety of pipes sizes: Concrete Pipe Headwalls – Code To Suit 150mm pipe – SPHW150 To suit 225mm pipe – SPHW225 To suit 300mm pipe – SPHW300 To suit 375mm pipe – SPHW375 To suit 450mm pipe – SPHW450 To suit 525mm pipe – SPHW525 To suit 600mm pipe – SPHW600. Shea’s precast concrete stairs are available in widths varying from 4-10 feet and from 1-7 risers to provide customers the selection needed to meet their specific requirements. Expertly cast with reinforced, high-strength concrete, Unit Step is one of the strongest steps made. Here’s how to properly measure for a precast concrete step: • Rest the end of a straight board on the threshold and bring it to a level position. We bring a crane to help with the installation of your precast concrete steps. Precast steps are virtually flawless when compared to poured in place concrete steps. We stock 4’ wide precast steps in white with or without a porch and side entrance steps with several rise/step options. PRE-CON Limited precast facility consists of nine acres of property and forty thousand square feet of manufacturing area. Edging. Step by step guide plus video repair tutorial. These cost-effective steps have a smooth finish with a non-slip tread and are rapidly available for transport with a quick turnaround. For more than five decades, A.J. When an existing condition cannot be altered (such as a walkway) then a smaller step up into the house may be required. Since 1929, Sanderson Concrete has manufactured precast concrete steps in a variety of sizes. THE RISERS - Precast concrete stairs are made with risers either 7 or 7 1/2 inches high. View Map >>, Calgary Concrete Steps Treads & Risers. To determine your step size, measure from the bottom of your door frame straight down to the ground (B on diagram). Precast Steps Precast Concrete Steps are available in widths of 4, 5, or 6 feet, 1 to 6 risers, with no landing, 24″ landing, or 48″ landing. Installation of these concrete steps are straightforward and can take less than an … Over the years precast steps have evolved from plain grey, simple textured, concrete steps to custom made, decorative, architecturally designed concrete steps that look like granite, stone, brick, wood and more. Select your ideal prefab concrete steps and get a quote today. Standard units are around 2 feet wide, but your project may differ. Precast concrete steps come in a wide range of sizes and designs. Precast concrete stairs have treads, risers, and landings that are one solid piece with no mortar joints for water to seep into … If risers are not the same width as the landing, then a deck is recommended. The cost of precast concrete steps is well worth the investment. This page will explain to you how to resurface and repair a worn, chipped, spalling, and cracked concrete pool deck. STAIR TREADS & PLATFORM - The stair treads and platform on most precast concrete steps usually have a natural concrete look. Made in an environmentally-controlled location. With a wide assortment of different size configurations, you will find the right precast concrete steps and stairs here at Sanderson. No matter your project need (apartments, parking garages, universities, manufacturing plants, etc), Coast Precast is here to help you with the quality stair treads needed for your concrete stair project. Create a simple step using a Pre-Cast Concrete Step with little to no effort. Each kit contains the concrete forms and hardware you need to pour different sizes, price to meet your budget.
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